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Signs Your Home or Business Has A Roof Leak

Having a leak in the roof of your house is one of the worst experiences a homeowner can go through. A leak, no matter how small it is, can have devastating effects on the structural integrity of your house. Small or large, a leak will wreak havoc on your walls, foundation, and other parts of the building.

The hardest part about fixing a leak is finding exactly where it's coming from. In most cases, leaks manifest via stains on the ceiling. Here are the common signs of a roof leak in your home or place of business to watch out for:

  • Ceiling or Roof Spots/Stains - Spots and stains will appear on your ceiling if water gets through the roof. Leaks are more likely to appear around chimneys and vents. Sometimes the water runs down causing the stains to show up away from the original source.
  • Roof Rot - Roof rot is more common with organic-based shingles. The rot on the roof is caused by the absorption of moisture in the mat and may cause the roof to leak.
  • Missing Shingles - If you notice a missing shingle in your roof, some rainwater has probably found a way into the building. Missing shingles are associated with poor or improperly fastened shingles that give in to storms and high-speed winds.
  • Lack of Ventilation in the Attic - If you notice a lot of hot air in the attic, you probably have a roof leak. The lack of ventilation in the attic bakes your shingles and pushes the AC to work harder.
  • Damage Flashing - Damaged flashing can be an indication of a leaking roof. It's a common occurrence in old roofs, normally caused by drying and cracking. In a new roof, damaged flashing can be as a result of improper installation.
  • Curling Shingles - Curling of shingles in the roof is caused by hot air in the attic or water absorption. Curling shingles can't protect against leaks and need to be replaced. If you notice curling in your asphalt roof, get professional roof leak repair immediately.

The water may enter at via the leak and run down before it starts soaking into the ceiling and by then, it will have already caused significant damage to the building. Get in touch with a roof inspection professional if you are having trouble tracing a leak and then get a roof leak repair professional from Northstar Roofing to fix the problem once and for all. Commercial roof repair services are also available if you have a roof leak problem in your place of business.

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Negative Impact of Roof Leaks on Your Businesses' Bottom-Line

Buildings are designed to last a long time. Somewhere along the way, structures start to manifest signs of wear and tear. Roof leaks are very common in both residential and commercial structures. Roof leaks let water into the building and the subsequent damage can have dire consequences. Financially, water damage in a residential or commercial building can have devastating effects on the owner's bottom-line in terms of repair costs, production downtime, and lost business due to negative customer perception.

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